About us

Consumer lending is broken. Our mission is to fix it
Over 15 million people in the UK struggle to borrow for unexpected costs.

We are often rejected for loans by high street banks, forced to borrow at ridiculous rates on credit cards, or get ripped off by high-cost lenders. We get trapped in endless debt-cycles. Traditional lenders profits at their customer's expense. They seek to maximise borrowing, and keep people in a debt cycle servicing high interest payments.

1-in-4 people in the UK routinely make only minimum payments on their credit cards, meaning they will take more than 10 years to clear their debts even with no new spending.

There is another way

Abound was founded to offer low-cost, fair and flexible lending solutions which serves borrowers interests and their long-term financial health.

The UK consumer finance market...

Consumer finance loans, excluding mortgages
1 in 4
UK adults can only make minimum repayments on their cards
Feel highly confident in managing their money

How is Abound different to the traditional lenders?

Traditional lenders only rely on credit scores which:

  • Don't assess your actual income and expenses
  • Offer no details on nature of spending
  • Ignore borrowers' forward looking potential
  • Overly penalise historical credit problems
  • Exclude people with limited credit history
  • Are unable to identify savings

Abound takes a holistic look at your whole financial situation including:

  • Up-to-the-minute financial transactions
  • All income and expense details
  • Full earnings (salary, benefits, transfers, pension, dividends, etc)
  • Insights of spending nature (essential vs. controllable)
  • Ability to lower borrowing cost with a more accurate view of monthly affordability
  • Relevant credit information - existing credit commitments, CCJs and repayment patterns

Our Team

Our team is focused on helping consumers build better financial lives by delivering a radically improved approach to personal lending.

Gerald Chappell
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Prior to Fintern, I was a Partner at McKinsey & Company, based in London. At McKinsey, I was Global Head of Digital Lending, and Global Head of Credit Analytics. Throughout my career, I have served a wide range of financial services clients in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia on lending, credit risk and capital topics. I enjoy hiking on weekends with my two dogs.
Dr. Michelle He
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
Prior to Fintern, I was a Director at EY, based in London. At EY, I served banks and financial institutions on lending, credit analytics, and driving complex banking transformations. I have a Ph.D in machine learning from the National University of Singapore, and has been a trusted advisor for fast-growing global Fintech firms. I enjoy hot yoga, kick-boxing and travelling.
Dr. Alan Cathcart
Chief Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer
I have over 30 years experience in banking risk and regulation, and held senior risk roles at HSBC, Bank of England and the FSA. I have a Ph.D in mathematics from Cambridge University. I'm a keen jogger and cyclist.
Dr. Mark London
Chief Risk Officer
I'm the brain behind Fintern's AI driven decisioning engine.Prior to Fintern, I was a Partner at EY, where I specialised in Credit Analytics and led EY's Quantitative Advisory Services team of 200 quants. I have served every major UK bank on key aspects of their lending businesses and credit modelling. I hold a PhD in mathematics. I enjoy a good IPA, music festivals and injecting Borat references into otherwise boring conversations.
Dr. Jonathan Mascie-Taylor
Managing Director of Fintern B2B
My previous roles include Head of Data Science at Capital on Tap, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Principal at Oliver Wyman. I have worked with a global set of clients, from banking to retailers, providing strategic, analytical and technological support. I have a PhD and MSc in Complexity Science, and a BSc in Mathematics, all from the University of Warwick.I enjoy squash and scuba diving.
Nicole Li
Chief Product Officer
I have 11 years of banking experience at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan in finance, risk analytics, and operational support. My experience covers front, middle and back office roles across a wide range of financial products. I have a MSc in International Finance (Fintech) from Univ. of Amsterdam. I enjoy nature and loves jungle trekking (except for the leaches).
Tjaart van Wijck
Chief Technology Officer
I lead the DevOps and analytics team at Fintern.I worked with many existing Fintern members over the last decade. I have 15 years of experience in credit solutions at HSBC, Barclays, Bank of England, LBG and EY.In the recent years, my focus has been Cloud-based re-architecture of core banking systems. I enjoy sailing and spending quality time with my family.
Sam Power
Chief Growth Officer
I lead growth and marketing at Fintern. I've spent most of the last 10 years working on growing consumer startups across Europe, Africa and Latam. I have a BA from Yale University. In my spare time, I love doing pretty much anything outdoors - scuba diving, skiing, hiking.
Jacob Parker
Head of Credit Operations
I lead our Customer Service, Collections and Business Operations functions. I have extensive financial services industry experience having worked for many of the largest banks, credit card issuers and insurance providers in the UK. I specialise in project management and transforming customer facing operations. In my spare time I enjoy gaming and travelling with my partner and Hungarian Vizsla, Tobias.
Sebastian Hassa
Financial Manager and Office Manager
Prior to Fintern, I worked as a business analyst in trading and logistics, and a supervisor at Harrods. I have over 10 years experience in data tools. I was also a freelance journalist specialised in maritime. I enjoy mountain hiking and computer games during my spare time.
Bob Cui
Senior Tech Advisor
I'm a full-stack software engineer with a storied background in mobile App development and cyber security. Prior to Fintern, I held senior roles at XiaoMi, and has worked extensively with Google and Qualcomm. I graduated from Beijing University, and my twin loves are technology and basketball.